CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Revisited (recommended readings)

The CEO ((Chief Executive Officer), is responsible for carrying out an organization.

It is a «person» and people are the ones that make up organizations, societies and civilizations.

Today we are in the paradigm of the evolution of change of Society, if one does not realize that can fall into errors of direction.

The societies have evolved collector, horticultural, agricultural, industrial, computer and this continuous evolution and we are just in the paradigm shift.

But societies evolve, because people do it, starting from the studies of the Abraham Maslow pyramid and even knowing that they are incomplete, (although he gave a glimpse of higher levels), since his biggest stage was «Self-realization» which is a goal that has been achieved and tenor of countless subsequent studies there are later stages, which are the «Autotranscendence» and even higher stages and this is a paradigm that are now entering people and with them organizations and society

It is the evolution of consciousness, in a natural process of evolution. Clearly explained in the next reading.

There are too many symptoms of exhaustion of current personal status and society and that is a sign of change.

Without falling into the symptom of the current society model very well explained in the next book, where we are letting the algorithms think and decide for us (there are clear examples in recent politics)

That is why organizations are also changing and it is necessary to adapt, here comes a very accurate explanation of what is coming

And we already see how departments or entire sections of an organization are adapting. Clear example Marketing.

We must continue to evolve as people, organizations and societies.

Luis Lozano

Chief Executive Officer

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